IBuild is a Proudly South African Manufacturer of Aluminium Products

IBuild was started in 2014 as a manufacturer of Aluminium Windows and Sliding Doors and has since added Folding Stacker Doors, Entrance Doors and Garage doors to our list of products. Our focus on Quality and Precision has contributed greatly to our success.


We believe in only using the best possible raw materials and machinery to ensure a Top Quality finished product.


We Pride ourselves in providing you with the best possible support from quotation to after sales.


Our Products are AAAMSA Certified.

  • Aluminium is a silvery white, light weight metal that is a great replacement for steel in the manufacturing of Windows and Doors.

    Benefits of Aluminium:

    • Light Weight
    • Rust Free
    • Low Maintenance
    • Flexibility
    • Recyclability
  • Colour Changing on Aluminium Products are done via powdercoating.

    Our Aluminium Products are available in the following colours .

    • Natural
    • Bronze
    • Charcoal
    • White
  • Float Glass has become the most used glass when it comes to smaller glass applications as it is less expensive and widely available. In Bigger applications, float glass can become dangerous if broken as it might break into large shards of sharp glass.

    Our Float Glass is available in:

    • Clear
    • Obscure
  • Toughened Safety Glass (AKA Tempered Glass) is 5 times stronger than Float Glass as it endures extra heat and chemical treatment to ensure durability.

    Benefits of Toughened Safety Glass:

    • 5 x stronger than float glass
    • Shatters into small granules
    • Lower risk of injury than float glass
    • Can be used in larger glass applications
  • S10 Reflective, Laminated Safety glass stays intact when shattered due to its polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer between the layers of glass.

    Benefits of Laminated Glass:

    • 10 x more penetration resistance than float glass
    • Better Sound insulation rating
    • Increased protection against UV radiation
    • Acts as a barrier against attack and intruders
    • Stays intact when shattered
IBuild Folding Stacker Door being fitted.
IBuild Folding Stacker Door being fitted.
IBuild Stacker Door after Fitment.
IBuild Stacker Door after Fitment.
IBuild Stacker Door and Windows after Fitment
IBuild Stacker Door and Windows after Fitment
IBuild Windows fitted.
IBuild Windows fitted.

IBuild Lastest News

The IBuild S10 Reflective Laminated Safety Glass range is now available for ordering

Available in:

  • PT, PTT and P4TT Windows.
  • Folding Stacker Doors.
  • Double Hinged Doors.
  • Bronze Colours Only.

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